Why Sleeping on Satin is Good for the Environment

Why Sleeping on Satin is Good for the Environment

With another Earth Day behind us, I’m once again thinking of the mantra: 

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

And because we should be thinking about the impact we’re having on the planet every day, I think about what I’m doing to use less, reuse more and recycle. The good news is sleeping on a satin pillowcase is a small way to do all three. Here’s how:

1. Use less hair product

By sleeping on satin, you prevent the friction that causes dry, damaged and frizzy hair. Because of this, you can significantly reduce the amount of hair products you buy such as detangling sprays, smoothing serums and other stuff.

2. Less in landfills

I used to use a bottle of detangling spray every 2 weeks on my daughter’s hair. I always felt guilty about all of the plastic bottles we went through. Once she started sleeping on satin, our plastic recycling was significantly reduced. We only had to buy detangling spray a few times a year to help with really rough mornings. Sleeping on a satin pillowcase meant we had to recycle approximately 90% less bottles! 

3. Fewer blow-outs and styling sessions

A customer just emailed and said she was skeptical at first but is now a believer because she can go 2 to 3 days LONGER between her professional blow-outs thanks to Hair Fairy.  So your styling time and time in the chair at your local dry bar is freed up for other things (and other things to spend on)!

4. Satin lasts for years

We’re still sleeping on the satin pillowcases that were prototypes for the original Hair Fairy. Some are going on 8+ years old!  Because they’re made of satin, we wash them with our sheets and other bedding. Easy-peasy. Talk about reusing! Just don’t wash them with velcro. Trust us on this one. 

So congratulations! By sleeping on Hair Fairy, you’re doing one more thing to help our great planet stay green and beautiful!

(Like the photo? Its me walking across a creek on a backpacking trip this summer. Talk about seeing Mother Nature in all her glory!)