About Hair Fairy Bedding Co.

Like most great products, Hair Fairy was created by a mom on a mission. Her daughter’s tears from getting her hair brushed free of hair tangles was a big source of stress every morning. Tired of the expense of buying special brushes and bottles of detangling spray, she was determined to find a better solution. 

On a particularly teary morning, a sympathetic mom at preschool suggested a silk or satin pillowcase. Having never heard of the practice of sleeping on satin for hair and skin health, Eliza was willing to try anything. Yet finding a quality satin pillowcase challenging. Salons and bedding stores didn’t carry any and the ones she found online were horrible quality and cheaply made. Eliza worked with her mom to sew what became the first Hair Fairy prototype. And it worked!

Gone were the morning frizz and birds nest. Gone were the sore scalps from tearful brushing. Best of all, her daughter’s hair was smooth with soft curls and she loved the feel of sleeping on soft satin. Seven years later, on a career break, Eliza started sewing prototypes with different satins, testing on all different hair types and doing a lot of research.

She learned what you all should know: Sleeping on a satin pillowcase means less friction for both skin and hair. Less friction means no tangles or frizz. In addition, the high sheen and tight weave of satin maintains hair salon styling, prevents wrinkles, helps with dry skin and prevents snagging eye-lash extensions.  Read about all of the benefits here. 

Hair Fairy Bedding officially launched in the Fall of 2014. Made from high quality, machine-washable satin, our pillowcases fit a standard size pillow and have a corner pocket and piping trim for a classy finish.

Hair Fairy for Kids comes with a plush Harriet doll who needs a little help taming her own unruly blue locks. Our Teen/Women’s line comes with a small lavender sachet.

Hair Fairy is family-owned and based just outside Seattle, Washington.