Satin Pillowcase FAQ

The tight weave and high sheen of a

Hair Fairy

satin pillowcase

eliminates the friction that causes hair to become tangled, frizzy and damaged while sleeping. Made with luxurious medium-weight satin, it's machine washable and fits a standard size pillow.
Why Use Hair Fairy Satin Pillowcases Chart

How does a Hair Fairy pillowcase prevent tangles?

When when you sleep, friction between your hair and a cotton or cotton-blend pillowcase occurs. This friction causes hair to lose moisture and become tangled and frizzy. The soft tight sheen of a Hair Fairy satin pillowcase eliminates the friction and protects hair while sleeping.

Does it work on all hair types?

Yes, we’ve tested the pillowcase for a few years on all different types of hair including straight hair, curly, frizzy and fine hair. Whether your hair is straight, or curly, thick and coarse or thin and fine, sleeping on Hair Fairy prevents the friction that causes hair to tangle at night.  

I've never heard of this before. Does it really work?

Sort of crazy, isn't it? When Eliza, our founder first heard this could help stop her daughter's hair tangles, she didn't believe it. Turns out, for decades, women have been sleeping on satin to help their hair and skin health. Until Hair Fairy, no one was talking about how satin could help prevent hair tangles with kids. 

Do Hair Fairy pillowcases undo tangles that are already there?

No, sadly if you go to sleep with tangled hair, you’ll wake-up with tangled hair. For best use, brush out the hair before sleeping on the pillowcase.

What makes Hair Fairy pillowcases better than cheaper alternatives?

Not all satin pillowcases are created equal. There is a lot of crap satin out there which is one of the many reasons we started Hair Fairy. Most manufacturers use satin that is inferior quality - stiff, thin and coarse with a sheen that washes out after one or two washes. Not only are they not nice to sleep on, they are not effective in promoting the hair and skin benefits above.

We admittedly drove our supplier nuts rejecting satin samples until we found the right one! Our satin pillowcases are made from high-quality medium-weight satin that feels so good to sleep on and won't lose the sheen. The piping edge, envelope closure and pocket detail gives the pillow a put together look with any bedding. And what other pillowcase comes with a cute Harriet doll who can relate to hair drama every morning? 

How does it help women?

Hair Fairy is a natural solution to promote hair and skin health. In addition to maintaining hair moisture and preventing frizzies, tangles and bedhead, it also prolongs salon styling and blow-outs. Faster morning routines are a big benefit as is saving money on hair products. Read all of the benefits here.

How does it help skin?

Like we said above, women have been using satin for generations to maintain healthy skin and prevent sheet lines and wrinkles. We have heard from customers with  dry skin that they have experienced significant improvement after sleeping on Hair Fairy for just a few nights.

How does it help cancer patients?

For people undergoing chemotherapy, satin is a softer sleep surface for tender sensitive scalps. It also slows hair loss. The American Cancer Society actually recommends sleeping on satin for chemo patients. Read more about satin and cancer here. 

Does a pillow come with the Hair Fairy pillowcase?

Pillows are not included with a purchase of the pillowcase. But Hair Fairy fits a standard size pillow found in all bedding stores and online.

My daughter/granddaughter washes her hair before bedtime. Does Hair Fairy work on wet or damp hair?

Yes, we have seen impressive results from many customers when sleeping on a satin pillowcase after hair is washed and conditioned. In fact, Eliza's daughter washes her hair almost every night after sports activities so we see the results every morning!

What if my child is a roller and rarely stays on the pillow at night?

Even a partial night spent with their head on a Hair Fairy pillowcase will show improvement. If your child is a massive roller and spends most of the night with their head off of the case, they might love the feel of the case enough to stay on it more. Or wait until they move less during sleep to show the biggest improvement.

Can I machine wash the pillowcase?

Oh ya! Oh ya! Machine washing is easy-peasy. Hair Fairy are polyester satin so they are machine washable. For best results, use a gentle cycle with cold water and light heat or hang dry. But if you're in a hurry, just throw it in with your sheets and it will do fine. One hard and fast rule - never wash with anything velcro!

Do you sell wholesale?

We do! if you have a retail sales license and own a store interested in selling Hair Fairy, shoot us an email or call! We'd love to hear from you!

Where is Hair Fairy Bedding Co. located?

We are located in Seattle, Washington and proud to be another independently owned company in the Pacific Northwest!

Can I use a Hair Fairy pillowcase in a crib?

No, Hair Fairy pillowcases should not be used in a crib. Although both the pillowcase and Hair Fairy doll have been tested by a certified testing facility and passed US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards for use by children ages 0 and up, the product was not created for children under 3 years of age.