Hair Fairy for Cancer Patients

We are all affected by cancer. Every day, we hear about a friend being diagnosed or a family member valiantly fighting it. So what do satin pillowcases have to do with cancer? Turns out, a satin pillowcase is the most comfortable surface to sleep on for people experiencing hair loss from chemotherapy treatments. The tight weave and high sheen of satin slows the hair loss and is gentle on scalps tender from treatments and hair follicle regrowth.

Here's what one Hair Fairy customer has to say:

“Going through chemo and losing my hair was a very difficult part of my cancer treatment. Having a satin pillowcase really helped ease the discomfort of my tender head and soothe the itchiness associated with the hair follicles growing back. Satin also made me feel extra special while spending so much time in bed.” Alethiea, Breast Cancer Survivor

The American Cancer Society recommends a satin pillowcase as a gift for cancer patients on They also provide more information about how sleeping on satin slows hair loss and is gentle on tender scalps. Perhaps just as important, resting on satin can make spending a lot of time in bed recovering feel special as Alethia shared above.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all the women, men and children fighting cancer, Hair Fairy is proud to donate a portion of our October sales to the Seattle's Fred Hutch Breast Cancer Research Program.

Let's all work to beat cancer.