Top 10 Reasons to Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase

We did our research and talked to hair and skin care professionals before putting together our top 10 reasons everyone should sleep on a Hair Fairy satin pillowcase. 

  1. Prevents night tangles, frizzy hair and bed head
  2. Easier brushing and styling in the morning
  3. Maintains natural hair and skin moisture
  4. Prevents hair damage and hair loss
  5. Prolongs salon blow-outs and hair styling
  6. Maintains body temperature – stays cooler in warmer months and warmer in cooler months.
  7. Prevents perspiration at night – the lower thread count allows for more air circulation
  8. Protects eye lashes and eye lash extensions by lessening the drag and potential snagging on regular pillowcases
  9. Prevents sleep lines and wrinkles and helps to maintain a healthy complexion
  10. The American Cancer Society recommends a satin pillowcase for chemotherapy symptom relief. Benefits include slowing hair loss and soothing dry and tender scalps. More information about satin and cancer is here.  

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