Harriet Doll for Girls Satin Pillowcases
Hair Fairy Bedding Co

Meet Harriet

Harriet grew up with 8 sisters in a fairy home far far away. All of her sisters had beautiful long smooth hair in all hues of gold, brown and black. Harriet was always embarrassed by her crazy blue hair. Worse, her morning tangles always hurt her scalp when her fairy parents tried to brush her hair out. She would cry quietly hoping no one would notice.

While riding rainbows and butterflies one day, she met a Silkie fairy who told her the secret of having tangle free hair was to sleep on a satin pillowcase. Today, Harriet is proud of her blue hair and she makes sure no girl has to suffer through painful brushing after sleeping on a Hair Fairy pillowcase. Harriet in her white nightgown comes tucked in a sleeping pocket of each Hair Fairy pillowcase.